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Natural Organic Bamboo Straws - 12pcs

Natural Organic Bamboo Straws - 12pcs

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Why buy reusable bamboo straws? It's time to say goodbye to global waste and by using these natural organic bamboo straws, we can reduce plastic consumption and therefore, save our environment.

Natural organic straws made of bamboo are 100% environmentally friendly, suitable for any kind of drink: water, coffee, soda...etc. Choosing this organic product is the first step to protect our life & our planet.

DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY: Instead of using one-time plastic straws, natural organic bamboo straws can be reused again and again to save money and protect our environment. These reusable organic bamboo straws are perfect for both hot drinks like tea, coffee and cold drinks such as sodas, smoothies and cocktails. The thin, small and light-weight design, lets you take these natural straws anywhere and use them for as long as you want.

EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning your organic bamboo straws is a very easy task, just use the brush included and some warm water. Allow them to dry and store the cleaned straws in a dry place.


Can be used with any beverage

Alternative to plastic

Includes bag, 12 organic bamboo straws and a cleaning brush.

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