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Family Fun Pop It Board Game 2-4 players

Family Fun Pop It Board Game 2-4 players

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This Family Fun Pop It Board Game is made of high-quality silicone material. It makes a great gift for people with autism, anxiety, ADHD and helps relieve stress. The first person to finish popping all the pop its on their entire side of the board game wins the round. You must roll a 1 (the big red dot on the dice) to pop the last 3 big pop its at the end to win the game! Once you win a round turn the board game around and play again!

This Family Fun Pop It Board Game is easy to play. It is an educational toy for children and a practical decompression toy for adults. This sensory Pop It Board Game is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be folded up and tucked into your bag or purse.

Don't miss out on FUN FAMILY GAME NIGHTS!

Included in the package;

  • Multicolor Pop It board
  • 2 Dices (Choking hazard)


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